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1 domain

Domain Validation


Comodo SSL

$10,000 Warranty

PositiveSSL is one of the most popular and inexpensive SSL certificates in the industry. This hassle-free cert is an ideal entry-level solution - a perfect choice for websites that don't deal with large amounts of user info or need to establish trust. It's great for blogs, startups and personal pages. In most cases, the certificate can be issued in 15 minutes or less.

£9.99 Yearly

PositiveSSL Multi-Domain

Multiple Domains

Domain Validation


Comodo SSL

$10,000 Warranty

PositiveSSL Multi-Domain certs allow enterprises and web hosts to secure multiple websites by including up to 100 domains within a single certificate. Enterprises can consolidate all their secure domains into a single cert. For example:, and This certificate can be issued in 15 minutes or less.

£29.99 Yearly

InstantSSL Pro

1 domain

Organization Validation

High Assurance


$100,000 Warranty

InstantSSL Pro is great news for e-commerce websites. With InstantSSL Pro, Comodo not only validates domain name, it also verifies the company behind the online business. This value-priced, business-validated certificate carries a $100,000 warranty. InstantSSL Pro comes with a FREE Corner of TrustLogo and can be issued within two business days.

£39.99 Yearly

Extended Validation SSL

As the highest class of SSL certificates, EV certificates secure data transmission and also display your company name in the browser address bar. This allows visitors to know that your site is safe to use and has not been compromised.

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